The Team

The Sales Team

Philippe Marchais

At the helm of the Marchais Vineyard and a true entrepreneur, he is also the winemaker of the place. As a passionate and committed business leader, Philippe is eager to share his craft with as many people as possible. Whether close to his wines in the cellar, during tastings, or in presentations, Philippe is always happy to share the secrets of his passion for the vine and wine.

Violette Marchais

At 4 years old, she was already driving tractors on her father Philippe’s lap. Always with a communication tool in hand, Violette is in charge of programming the season at Marchais Vineyard and oversees the operations of the Mauves Balnéaire guinguette. In partnership with Oxana, she leads the wine tourism of the estate and the overnight barrel stays. In terms of events, it is with Violette that couples organize their big day at the Domaine.


You’ll hear her gentle voice on the phone, you’ll meet her in the winery’s offices. Françoise is somewhat the ‘mother’ of the Marchais Vineyard. Thanks to her, the general affairs of the Domaine are managed. In charge of administration, treasurer, commercial assistant, she is on all fronts to handle all situations.


Always smiling, Oxana is the sunshine of the team. It is with her that professionals organize their day at the Domaine. Attentive to her guests, she creates tailor-made programs suited to the needs of businesses. In collaboration with Violette, she oversees the wine tourism of the estate and supervises the operation of the overnight barrel stays. But Oxana is above all a passionate lover of wine and oenology. A true ambassador of the Marchais Vineyard, she knows the estate’s cuvées like the back of her hand.

The Production Team


His area of expertise is the vineyard. His specialty, adaptability. Loïc is a versatile man. In fact, versatility is somewhat the motto of the Marchais Vineyard. You’ll find him in the vineyard, reinforcing the team for seasonal work, in the cellar maintaining the vats, or at the press during the harvest. Loïc also oversees production, bottling, labeling, order preparation; the logistics of the domain are no longer a secret to him.


Guy is our head of cultivation, and one might even say he’s part of the very fabric of the place, having known Rogatien well. Guy knows the vine plots of the Marchais Vineyard like the back of his hand. Alongside his colleague Stéphane, he is responsible for organizing the vineyard work throughout the seasons. You’ll find him in the vineyard, with pruning shears in hand or on a tractor working the soil. Guy understands each vine variety and knows how to anticipate their needs to sustain the harvests year after year.


Operations Manager, Stéphane oversees and supervises the viticultural activity. He ensures the smooth running of various activities and supports, alongside Guy, the vineyard’s conversion to organic agriculture. Stéphane is also the MacGyver of the domain. In charge of maintaining the viticultural equipment, he always finds the right ideas to organize and optimize work methods.