La cave du vignoble marchais

The Winemaker’s Cellar

Wines and local products

Philippe’s cellar have 3 differents spaces but with a same target:
Share work from passionate and ecofriendly people.

> With the family production wines,
> Wines from Philippe’s winemakers friends to Loire Valley, Bordeaux and somewhere else,
> The terroir products, like fish terrine from Loire, local beer and others gourmandizes to discover.

le bar a vin du vignoble marchais

Wine Bar

At the winemaker

With friendly atmosphere, you can share a warm time to discover local beers, local terrines fish and local wines of course!

Wine bar is open from:

Tuesday to Friday:17h-20h / Saturday:16h-19h

The cellar is open from:

Tuesday to Friday:10h-13h & 15h-20h / Saturday:10h-13h & 15h-19h

La Blandinière
Tél. +33 (0)2 40 03 79 89

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